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PS5 Is Still At Least Two Years Away, Says Ubisoft

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"Guillemot added that he believes the mid-gen refreshes are good for the industry, and the additional horsepower will allow it to create better games."

Seeing as how the target still has to be the base PS4 and Xbox One, not much can really be done with the extra horsepower beyond performance/visual tweaks. I don't know if that defines "better" because developers certainly can't use the extra horsepower for bigger worlds or better game mechanics without leaving the base with a gimped product.

Been saying 2020 all along .
And this is why I love the mid-gen upgrades. I don't need them, but they extend the life cycle. They also raise the bar of what next gen consoles have to be, as the PS5 can hardly be inferior to Xbox One X.
PlayStation is also in such a dominant position that they are going to stretch it as long as they can.

The PS4 will go on to have the greatest game library of all time...until PS5 which will be backwards compatible.

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