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PS4 Pro Stock Running Low in the United States

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PS4 Pro PlayStation 4 Sony Stock US 1

@GravyThief I feel sorry for u because I bought mine day 1 and it is still very quiet. Ordered the Spiderman ps4 pro bundle too. Great bit of tech with the best exclusives on the market. I feel so sorry for the Xbox owners! Not the Phil Spencer worshipping fanboys but the fans have had nothing for over 3 yrs! The last good game was CupHead and that was an Indy. Some of these Xbox fans and specially the fanboys, they are on their 3rd iteration of the same gen console and all they have been offered is new controllers😭😭😭😭😭 All the BS that Phil and his team have fed their fans is disgusting. Where are the Horizon Zero Dawn's, the Until Dawn's, the Niohs, The God Of War type game's to show off their beautiful Xbox X-tra cash grab🤔 I will neva waste another penny of my hard earned cash on their hardware for as long as I live. They really are the EA of the console market. They are still waiting for Crack Down 3 which looks like another pile of shit game they will one day give their fans. I feel so sorry for the fans of the Xbox. Such a-shame. Cannot stick that corporation that is over flowing with nothing but hardware and empty promises!!!!

@ToddlerNaruto I have ordered. Can't wait to play that game on that console. I think it is the best looking special edition that Sony has done this gen! Looks mint. And then the game, well what can I say! That game looks absolutely immense and I think it is gonna get goty and that is saying something when I've nearly completed God Of War and that game is amazing! It has been an epic journey for Atreus and his old man, Kratos. The God Of War, who is one mean MF!!!!

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