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PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Gets Spectacular Trailers Revealing Cars, Classes and Interlagos

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moldybread19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Apocalypse Shadow
"They could have easily been lazy and brought over the other thousand or so cars from previous games like their competitors."

Who are their competitors, themselves? This is hilarious. Polyphony is known for doing this in past Gran Turismo games and you talk about the competition? Sorry but can you show me last generation looking cars like we seen on the PS3 with PS2 looking cars for Gran Turismo 5 that their competitors are doing?

"Instead, they are putting in their best effort that PS4 is capable of handling. When gamers complain about superficial things instead of the driving model, these are the results of that whining."

Who told them to only have one on one racing in VR mode and no online? You seem to not understand what complaints are, it's to make things better, not remove things. Why does it have fewer cars and fewer tracks than its main competitors who developed their games in less time? I'm not sure why you want to keep giving these guys a free pass just because the name sells.

"The new direction of the game is about competitive sport. With those that are good enough, capable of getting an FIA license and can learn to drive professionally. But more cars will be added to the game with the same attention to detail as the ones already there."

Then what is the point of the VR mode and why did they waste so much time for photo mode?

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