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PS Plus vs Games with Gold for January 2018

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gangsta_red56m ago

GWG takes it for me(I'm a poet and didn't even know it).

Im a fan of the Van Hellsing games and I haven't played part 3 yet and I've never played Zombi. Also the other two games are automatically BC for X1 which means that's four games playable on X1 instead of two for PS4.

I will try Deus Ex again even though I was not into it and then there's Telltale's Batman.... but other than that PS+ has nothing else to offer this month.

Rude-ro3m ago(Edited 2m ago)

It is because listing backward compatible games is stupid per games with gold.
Three years into a life of a console and announcing games that you have to own to make it free is only fluffing a list. The percentage of players that hold onto every old game they had is beyond way too low to list as free.
It is a update to the list of games supported, not given for free with xbl.
Or are you saying backwards compatible is only capable through xbl gold?

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