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Poll: What Year Should Sony Launch the PS5?

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@get2sammyb "right technology available at the right price, and you've also got to convince the major publishers that the timing is right so that you have a groundswell of support for your new hardware."

Perfect answer. And you're probably right about a mid 2018 refresh with the same name. And when they announce the PS5 - that name is a given, no poll required - they'll discontinue the Slim, maybe put the Pro innards in the Slim body just for laughs.

I'm still leaning towards announce early 2019, launch holiday 2019, but that long list of 2018 tentative games, tentative meaning some of those will land in 2019, has me unsure. But it still seems the best bet as 2018 is way too soon and 2020 seems a bit too long, b/c even if those 2018 games land in 2019 I don't think there's enough games left for the first 3/4 of 2020 waiting for the holiday launch.

Holiday 2017 Slim $199 Pro $399, should have been a cheaper Pro, but $500 X1X makes $400 look good. And the $400 Pro makes the $200 Slim look like an impulse purchase. And Sony would rather have people spend their money on a Slim/PSVR combo than Pro anyway.
March 2018 Slim $199 permanent, Pro $349
Holiday 2018 Slim $179, Pro $299 sale prices
Feb 2019 announce PS5 for holiday release, no price
Summer 2019 Slim $149, Pro $249
Holiday 2019 Pro $199 sale, PS5 $399

Problems with waiting until 2020 for PS5:
Saturation - at some point everyone who wants a PS4 has one
Slim price - at some point it gets too cheap, needs a bottom
Market boredom - nothing excites like a NEW console

I'm not too sure what a PS5 has to differentiate it though. 2TB HDD if they keep Pro at 1TB, which they can since external is an option. 4k native games obviously, 4k TV market should be pretty good in another 2 years. UHD drive but that's just catch up. PSVR 2 will be a selling point, but it still not mass market appeal. If the Dualshock 5 gets a screen then it's a Wii U, seems like a bad idea. So it comes down to games, but who's making them when seemingly everyone has PS4 games coming out in 2018 or later?

So it all works out for 2019 by default, but why do we need new consoles when we have Horizon like graphics now? How much better can GT Sport look? It will be a hard sell, but 2019 seems like the year to try to sell it.

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