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Poll: Do You Want Another Portable PlayStation?

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Here's why I don't think a portable PS4 won't work. Scaling. PS4 games weren't designed to scale up or down. Scaling up isn't too hard because you can just increase certain features until performance suffers. It's not really the same when scaling down. REMOVING features isn't nearly as easy or scales nearly as well (heck, many games heavily underutilized the Pro as is). It would also be 100% REQUIRED to have a "portable" patch unless Sony can somehow work out all of the processing power of the PS4 into a portable (and then somehow they'll have to make the battery life tolerable). To get a PS4 game to run on even something like the Switch would require HEAVY modifications/downgrades. Optimization is one thing, but raw power is another. Nintendo has Nvidia on their side with their Tegra line. Sony would probably have to develop something in house unless AMD has some tricks up their sleeves. Considering how power hungry Ryzen is, I don't think AMD has any plans to hit the mobile market anytime soon.

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