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Poll: Are You Still Playing Destiny 2 One Month Later?

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I stopped playing before I finished it. I just don't like the game at all. While they clearly improved on the original, it still does nothing for me: I have no connection to the universe or lore and I don't find the missions fun at all.

The gunplay is good — but I wouldn't argue it's anymore exemplary than most modern Call of Duty or Battlefield games — but I find the emphasis on shielded enemies and huge bullet-sponges (while reduced in this version) fatiguing frankly.

And it just does nothing for me. I feel nothing playing it. So I'm out. In my opinion, if Bungie's goal was to bring a new audience to Destiny with this edition, it completely failed.

Just my two cents.

I know with my game speed and availability to play the pacing it great , just reach max power lvl , just in time prestigious raid to come out , plua there is iron banner , juat had faction rally , curious to see what else they have in store.
But I do see myself slowing down soon , there are other things I want to play coming out shadow of war , battlefront etc

I've only played it when I know i have at least two uninterrupted hours to focus on it, so needless to say with life and work, I haven't gotten to play much. I have enjoyed what I have played so far, beat the campaign, hit light level 250-ish, and i have yet to do a strike or patrol. I think once this hits PC in a couple weeks I'll end up double dipping, as I have several friends who already pre-ordered, and only one or two that play on PS4.

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