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PlayStation’s Japanese Monster Hunter: World Ad Is Predictably Brilliant

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Having said that the game is going to be AWESOME for ppl like myself who love Japanese games, tbh i never have thought much about Japanese game adverts, most of them are crap just like this one

@Ralizah It's very hard to explain. I suppose my character moved too slowly, maybe? Hitting an enemy didn't feel realistic, especially in terms of the way the enemy reacted. And the AI seemed terrible. Everything other than the visuals felt indie with limited budget. To an extent, that's how I felt when I first played Demon's Souls.
I played monster Hunter for a few hours on psp and didn't like it much either. I prefer Soul Sacrifice, God of War, DmC and other action games that feel satisfying.

@naruball Monster Hunter games, like Souls games, are very much about understanding the patterns of your enemies, managing the timing of animations, and being deliberate with your attacks. Some people love that, and it just puts others off. A friend of mine often complains about how "slow" his character is in these games.

It's an acquired taste, but I'd argue that there are few action games that can make you feel more accomplished and satisfied after a particularly good hunt.

For this reason, I don't think demos are a good way for new players to try out the series. Even I hated MH when I first played the demo for MH3U.

I enjoyed the demo for World, but I'm not sure how I feel about every hunt being some variant of "follow the glowing insects." Tracking the monsters is cooler in theory than in execution.

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