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Phil Spencer: E3 2018 Will Be “Different”, Feeling Good About Japanese Support for Xbox One

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gamingunited16h ago

Different isn't always a good thing... Last year they were different by showing a bunch of timed exclusives indies which they tried to pass off as exclusives.

And Phil said much the same last year about Japanese games and what did he show two games that were multi-platform. Lets be real here Xbox will never have Japanese support like Sony and Nintendo.

I'll assume this is more Microsoft hype until they actually show something other than Phil's lips flapping.

Eldyraen17h ago

MS just needs to show more games further down the pipeline this time around. Crackdown and Ori are now the only undated announced games we are even aware of, outside even smaller Indies. The Inevitables will be coming one day but with last year’s weak first/second party launch when X did, they need to go big with announcements at the very least.

Show Horizon and anything else that might release this Fall but also Halo/Gears teases and maybe some new announcements like the rumored Fable or whatever else Horizon’s second team will be working on. Sometimes we need to know what’s coming a bit further on, as long as it’s not cancelled like Scalebound.

Slurms15m ago(Edited 8m ago)

If they announce stuff further down the pipeline then it might get Scalebounded, or Fable Legended, or Phantom Dusted. They should stick to the short term for announcements, but make sure they actually do have stuff in the pipeline.

And to be honest, Sony should probably rein it in a bit too in that regard. Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy 7 reveals were really premature.

Eldyraen17h ago

I wouldn’t say I’m happy with Japanese Support, which is probably true for many xbox fans that enjoy games from there. So hopefully he made some new first steps while there last time around or they just have low expectations to begin with.

I’d love if they gave Lost Odyssey an X treatment as a first big step. It’s already BC but nothing like an X boost as it’s probably the best jrpg playable on the One still, and is a last gen game. FFXV and such were fun but story wise? Bit of a let down besides visual side of storytelling front. Couple better contenders though but LO was fantastic and would love to play it in an enhanced form.

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