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Paladins developer praises Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play, says it leads to better games

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septemberindecember15h ago

Sony started its massive lead over Xbox this gen because of its pro-consumerism. Which is what led to better advertising deals and exclusive deals over third party games which perpetuated sales.

But the video gaming industry is a fickle place. Consumers can choose another company for other gens. Look who was in the lead last generation compared to this generation? Look what happened with the Wii U compared to the Switch?

Just because Sony is on the lead this gen doesn’t mean they are doing everything right.

AspiringProGenji14h ago

Pro consumerism did give them a boost at the start, but that isn’t the reason they are on top only. It is because they keep giving what gamers want and keeping the momentum with high quality games. Plus they are not doing anti consumer stuff like MTs loot boxes.

Fanboys waited and waited for MS’s big comeback and that never happened. To this day they wait for Sony to do a big oppsie and still waiting... they only thing they can fault them is because of limited crossplay, a feature most people don’t care about. I would say Sony has had an awesome and smooth 8th gen and that they are doing everything right

septemberindecember14h ago(Edited 14h ago)


I'm not trying to say that pro-consumerism is the only reason they are on top. But the pro-consumerist aspect early this gen is a big part of how they started the lead, which lead to third party deals and exclusives that continued to perpetuate the lead. Of course it helps that they make great games themselves and have a much greater Japanese presence too.

I disagree that they are doing everything right. They are doing a lot right (game sales, exclusive games, advertising, etc), but no company does everything right. For example, the Fortnite debacle. That wasn't right of Sony to do. Luckily, they redacted it and things seemed fine, but it looks like it was only a surface deep solution, and they still aren't wanting to enable what a lot of gamers do want, which is crossplay.

Automatic7911h ago


Sunset Overdrive
Rare Replay
Killer Instinct
Halo 5
Gears 4
Ori and Blind Forest
Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves
Forza Motorsport Series

Spare me the nothing else stood out speech.

Obscure_Observer9h ago


"Well Nintendo has proved it has good games, their games are high quality"

Well, they had to scrap the WiiU and restart with the Switch, right? You´re praising Nintendo now, but i remember what you used to say about the Switch.

Phil Spencer don´t gave up on Xbox One and the console is on a better position now that it had before. Next gen it will be even better!

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