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Ovosonico: Games will be “like the Netflix button on your remote – that easy”

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Timesplitter1412h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Game streaming is still a pipe dream that marketing people like to mention once in a while to build empty hype.

It'll never work unless it can stream a full-resolution game at 60 fps and the input latency (ping) never ever goes over 16 miliseconds. Or at least that's for our current, outdated standards. Soon enough our standards will evolve to see 120 fps as the new standard, so input latency will need to be 8 miliseconds. Typical pings to streaming platforms right now are usually between the 40-80 miliseconds range if the server is near you.

The way forward for the industry is much higher resolutions, framerates, and input responsiveness. Streaming goes exactly in the opposite direction. It can work for games like Life is Strange where input responsiveness doesn't matter, but not for "realtime-controlled" ; ; games

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