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Oh FFS, There’s a Loot Cave in Destiny 2

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I did it this morning got myself 1200 tokens. Its just an exploit. Loot cave indicates that you are getting constant loot all you gets is the intial weapon and the rest are tokens for your faction. The you are getting random items so good some bad. This is much better use of time to get your 30 engrams than doing other activicties in the game being as they reduced the rewards.

The issue I have is that the faction winner result might end up different because of this exploit. Apart from that its bad coding that has allowed this to happen.

@ShogunRok That 'loot' as in the Lost Sector loot has always been there. That loot though rarely gives any 'decent' loot that will improve your character - not powerful loot and rarely more than farming 'loot' crates that randomly spawn. All this is, is a cheap way to get faction tokens rather than to keep doing Public Events.
The 'loot caves' of Destiny 1 were about getting purple engrams or more from spawning enemies, using the 'respawn' mechanics to your advantage. So much so that you didn't need to actually go in the cave - just sit far enough back so the respawn mechanic triggered. Lost sectors have always had the 'loot' and you can constantly go back and forth to get that 'loot' regardless of whether its beneficial or the 'easiest' way to get faction tokens.
I think that's different to the 'loot caves' of Destiny 1 otherwise ALL Lost Sectors since Day 1 have been 'loot caves' and this is 'not news'.
The last faction rally also had boxes to shoot so that gave more tokens. In fact you could just back out slightly, go back in, shoot the closest boxes, back out and repeat. Now you have to actually clear the lost sector - inc killing the boss to get the chest to open for faction tokens. The only difference is that now they have Faction Tokens but 'loot' was always there if you could be bothered to just keep farming lost sectors. Yu could actually get more Faction Tokens by completing Heroic Public events and get as much loot too. Its more effort than the D1 loot cave farming.

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