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November’s PlayStation Plus Games are Out Now

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@ztpayne7 I'm not sure why people don't just add everything to the library at once, unless they plan to purchase the title later which PS Plus giveaway disables (the added game is already processed as a 100% discount purchase from the store UI's perspective). Gonna play or not, it's the content you pay for and it takes up no space by default. The only possible inconvenience is scrolling through these games via a browser or PS3/Vita stores, but that's more of a problem with download list there, not the games themselves.

Something around $200-$250. I will skip that overpriced pass as well. Sometimes Jax seems to think everyone spends as much as him on games. And he keeps track of my purchases down to every cent

Thank you so much. Sounds quite good at that price.

$200 is looking good for this year, though it's hard to say if that's just the old headsets getting clearances out. Though I haven't seen much of a difference between the new and old sets myself so I'd be willing to pay $100 less for an old one than a new one.

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