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Nintendo Switch feels like a rushed out console

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MVGeneral35m ago(Edited 22m ago)

Yeah but instead of fixing problems, they just made a whole lot more.
Slowly more people will lose their trust in the company, as so many already have. And it's just bad rapport, you don't want people associating nintendo with negative stuff.
Here's Nintendo's rapport after the launch of the wii (they are now known for this based on their last 3 consoles wii/wiiu/switch):
Weak consoles
Weak performance
For kids and grandma's
no third party support
horrible multiplayer/online
Friend codes
not enough hard drive space
No long term support
Can't recognize criticism
Unwilling to change
Not for the core gamer
No carry over online profiles

And adding unreliable hardware and Nintendo can't admit fault. Isn't going to help them get out of last place.

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