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New Forza Motorsport 6: Apex gameplay leaks


"lies, driveclub is deff in that list with those two"

Sure, if you are into racing games where the cars dont handle like real cars…but atleast its really pretty…for me….DC is a hollow racer….but its the best LOOKING racer, if that makes you feel better.

"along with the soon to be released dirt game according to the reviews from the pc version"

Ill agree. I been waiting a long tome for codemasters to get back to their roots. This new DIRT rally will be the best rally game since colin mcrae 3.


"But, it doesn’t look that good"Photo mode always looks better in every racing game…so whats your point….I was showing off the decal work and the cars…not making a point about graphics…go back to your DC threads..Forza threads are about cars, tracks and driving.Am I misrepresenting the fact that you can drive the paul walker R34 from F&F in the exact same spec?Am I misrepresenting the fact that you can take a porche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 around a wet, laser scanned nurburgring, in the most accurate representation of a porsche in ANY racing game?Is rio not a track in forza 6?But again….you only seem to able to attack the visuals, even though my post was purely about the content of FM6 and the creativity of forzas community….was that so hard for you to understand?And …Well said septic. Too many forza haters who are really closet fans on N4G. Thats why they bother to post in these threads. And yes…FM6 and FH2 are the only racers you need…along with DIRT rally 😉

New Forza Motorsport 6: Apex gameplay leaks

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