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Need for Speed: Nitro-X bursts into DSiWare

EA, need for speed: nitro-x 0 Looking for some speed on your DSi? Up now on DSiWare is EA’s Need for Speed: Nitro-X. This should rev you up for some serious racing action on your Nintendo handheld.


NFS: Nitro was a WiiDS original title, but now EA is releasing it as a digital Nitro-X on Nintendo’s digital download service. This port will be featuring 18 cars and an updated version of the 16 tracks in-game.

Among the exclusive features of the game is the “Super Pursuit” mode, wherein you take on the role of a cop. Here, you can race against three other players via the local multiplayer, and take your pick from among six police cars for the chase.Apart from that, you can also choose to control the game via touchscreen if you prefer it that way, and also take ingame screenshots.

The Need for Speed: Nitro-X is now available on the DSiWare for 800 DSi Points (US$ 8).

Click here for the Need for Speed: Nitro-X DSiWare walkthrough

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