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Microsoft has lined up plenty of indie games for the Xbox One X

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darthv725h ago

You two are funny, your selective memory is preventing you guys from knowing that MS has always supported indies. Back when 360 were promoting them, they were frowned on by the likes of PS fans (until they started getting their own PS Minis) and then this gen indies were swooned by Sony so much so that the term Indiestation was used quite a bit.

Indie support never left xbox, Sony was promoting them more than their own games to the point that it looked like support had left but it didn't.

DealerGaming1h ago

"You two are funny, your selective memory"

That is rich coming from the likes of you. The point of my statement is that at the start of this gen when PS4 was getting a lot of indies and showing it in their conferences, xbox fanboys constantly trolled Sony and PS Fans.

Where do you think the term 'indiestation' came from?

'Selective memory' and all that...

KionicWarlord2228h ago

Microsoft has not just "started" focusing on indie devs they have had several GDC updates for years now about indie devs.

"Dozens of games have shipped via ID@Xbox, and there are hundreds more in development. More than 1,000 studios across the globe are creating games using ID@Xbox development kits, and we’re shipping more kits weekly!"

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