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Mass Effect Andromeda: Why You Should And Shouldn’t Be Concerned About This Game

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SaveFerris13h ago

Mass Effect did have some issues with combat and elevators, but many gamers enjoyed the RPG elements. Improvements are welcome, but what Bioware/EA has done is strip away much of what fans of the original game were drawn to.
I disagree with the author in regards to games needing to evolve. It is important to make improvements where they are needed, such as improving the combat as seen in ME2 & 3, but when the developer changes the lore, and botches the ending, then I don't see this as 'evolving'. Mass Effect: Andromeda looks even less like Mass Effect from what has been shown. I might be in the minority here, but I would've loved to have played ME 2&3 if they had stayed as 'the same old thing'.

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