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@NintendoFan4Lyf If it's not about dying I think you're gonna like bloodborne more than nioh, bloodborne combat is fast paced, if you now how to kill the enemy you can progress pretty fast. In nioh, I think it's more about the difference level between you vs the enemy.

I wouldn't say git gut because my time is limited too lol, rather than replaying the same game over and over I'm more likely switch to a new game, finish it, and playing other games in my backlog. Bloodborne gameplay is so good though so I have no problem replaying it, I think bloodborne will be way better game if the game has more checkpoint.

I don't think souls game is suitable for switch though, you're gonna need the big tv to see all the enemy & trap, playing on the switch small screen & controller isn't a good experience. And if you're playing it on switch docked, ps4/xbox1 will offer you a better experience (good resolutions to see enemy/trap more clearly, smoother framerate, more online pllayer, etc).

@wiiware It's not about the "better experience" for me when the choice is there. It's convenience. I can get an extra hour+ game time per day through the Switch.

I never found the screen to be a limiting factor in any game I play, so far (including DOOM). I usually set up the system on a tray and play with a Pro Controller.

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