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Lord of the Rings: War In The North Walkthrough Preview

So okay, it’s not like we’re short of chances to frolic around Middle-earth: from Aragorn’s Quest for the kids to the F2P rebirth of LOTR Online, via RTS and handheld sidestreets, many genres have felt the gaze of Sauron. But such is the power of the licence that certain elevator pitches just work. Baldur’s Gate meets the War Of The Rings? Yes, please. The level of violence is higher than we’ve seen in previous Lord Of The Rings games. Think of the gory bits involving orcs in the movies and you’re almost there.

LOTR: War In The North screenshot

War In The North comes from Snowblind Studios, developer of the excellent Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on GameCube/PS2/Xbox. It’s an action-RPG focused on co-op with three classes to choose from — normally we’d automatically expect the rest of the Fellowship’s roles to be ‘revealed’, but Snowblind claims it’s working on WITN as a specifically threeplayer experience. Set in the background of the main Lord Of The Rings plotline, War In The North allows the dev team a little more licence with events than something based squarely on the books. The ‘north’ of Middle-earth seen in the game is a land that reminds us of the battle against the Germans in the forest at the beginning of Gladiator (which was filmed in Surrey), heheh.

  • FnorkSlut
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #1

    Right to me on Facebook, I have a whole fanpage for LOTR War in the NOrth!! Write to me okay? Okay thanks!! Ciao

  • PaulB
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #2

    Right, just what I was thinking. I so totally can’t wait for this game!!

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