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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – Bonus Episode: Farewell

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I like how Chloe's character evolved from seemingly "toxic/bad news old friend" to really one of the biggest victims, as everyone who loved her and led her to believe they'd always be there, unfairly left her, one way or another.

Kudos to the writing team for the way characters evolve and feel real, I felt the prequel and the bonus episode gave more weight, and gave a different perspective to the events of the first game.

Um... yeah, so I played this last night. I'd had a really bad day, so maybe it was thanks to my frame of mind, but I really didn't connect with it in the slightest.

It was nice for what it was, but a lot of little moments felt off and I noticed a few things that took me out of the experience. The frankly bizarre moment where Ashley Burch, incredible talent as she is, attempts to provide the voice of an eight-year-old Chloe was very odd, especially since it sounded like a child voice actor stepped in for eight-year-old Max (or Hannah Telle just did a nearly-impossible thing, especially since her usual Max voice sounds blandly stoned all the time). Also, if you're gonna feature a thirteen-year-old character in your game, please don't put her in hotpants shorter than Lara Croft's and then spend half the time giving us cutscene camera angles from the rear or waist down. It felt kinda creepy.

The story was overly cute and suffered from the common narrative problem of "anmesia padding" whereby a character, in this case Max, completely forgets everything about her own past (seconds after openly admitting she's spent half her life with Chloe and remembers it all fondly) and is totally wide-eyed in amazement at the things she discovers. When I was thirteen, I'm pretty sure I could remember who my best friends were and what we got up to when I was eight, but Max had to play dumb so that the audience would discover things along with her. It's tough to pull off, because it's unfortunately a necessary part of writing at times like these, but this was a bad example.

Life is Strange has provided some of the most incredible moments in recent gaming history. Before the Storm started strong, had a nigh-on perfect middle episode, but then ended with a whimper. I'm sorry to say that this bonus episode did nothing to elevate the experience for me, nor did it add anything to the previous Max-centric episodes, which were all wonderful. Disappointed.

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