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LawBreakers Publisher Blames PUBG for Poor Sales

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@NathanUC it did have a beta on PS4, though it only lasted 3-4 days. even then it was a struggle to find full games - i remember a game lasting more then half an hour because it was 5 v 2 and nobody new joined the game - and the 2 in the other team just camped in their base trying to snipe, so we couldn't reach the score objective quickly. so it always looked like a risky investment to me, as i couldn't see a big community gathering around it. fundamentally, it's not vastly different from the smaller run and gun shooters that quake and unreal tournament were doing 20+ years ago... and that market is aptly catered for by other alternatives, and it's not likely to convert people who prefer larger team-based shooters like battlefield or killzone.

@leucocyte I guess it goes back to my original issue then. I didn't even hear about this game until it was already out (and I heard about it via people saying it's dead already). I follow a good few sources online, but I don't remember seeing anything about a beta (or even a trailer).

It still looks like a really really fun game.... maybe it will go F2P or something.

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