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Is the PlayStation VR Worth It?

My thoughts exactly. I have a capable P.C for V.R. Ive also got a PS4 in the living room with a camera and some move controllers somewhere in a box. But im choosing the rift. If VR struggles I can see Sony just brush it under the carpet. Whereas with the rift I can see the P.C community keeping it alive for the enthusiasts, modding new games to be compatible with the rift. We already have GTA V and Skyrim in V.R

I hope it does take off and become succesful and I will probably get PSVR in a year or so if it is.
But for now with Sonys track record I cant take that gamble

Oh my God, PS TV was a disgrace in support. The darn thing can’t even use Netflix! Netflix!

My $25 Fire TV stick can, and does more than my $50 clearanced out PS TV can’t. Heck my $25 TV Stick can output 1080p, but my PS TV can’t.

That said, I’m cautiously optimistic and will take a wait and see approach as well. Concerned the content won’t be there and VR will be sitting on the shelf for a long time before that hit comes.

Personally though, if I was to invest into VR I would probably go PC, but will keep an open mind about PS VR. Content is king!
Nope.But I wish Sony nothing but success with this, but I’m sticking to a gaming headset with my eyes on a monitor for years to come.Would I try it out if somebody gave it to me as a […]

Is the PlayStation VR Worth It?

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