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Is Capcom Hinting Resident Evil 3 Remake?

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-Foxtrot17h ago

They can keep the main games as first person while old school Resident Evil fans are given a new timeline going off the remake games.

Everyone wins...everyone is happy

Resident Evil 4 - Code Veronica but Leon saves Claire instead of Chris. I mean why would Leon tell Chris in the original Code Veronica that Claire was in danger and where she was instead of saving her himself? Didn't make sense after what they went through in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 5 - Add onto the original Resident Evil 4.5 idea but maybe don't do Africa this time.

Chris, Barry and Rebecca team up after Jill goes missing and find up what Umbrella is up to. No Las Plagas in RE4 means no Uroboros. Zombies, Tyrants and more old school stuff. Hell they could probably take the Lost in Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5 and make a full game revolved around that.

If they did kill Wesker in this game (not in a volcano this time) then we'd have STARS together to finish what they started. Not have someone like Sheva help kill him when she's nothing to him.

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