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Huge No Man’s Sky PS4 Patch 1.3 Does Add Multiplayer, Kind Of

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It seems as though it became "cool" to hate NMS. I feel that most people who mock, or wish HG staff pain and suffering are just on the bandwagon. I always knew this would be a solo, placid exploration game, a kind of romantic notion that you are on your own and free to discover. The game gave me a lot of joy and wonder, and has done every time they add more content. I bought the physical and always kept it, I'd have kept it even if the trade in value was decent. I kept it because it was refreshingly different and ticked a box no other title could for me. Elite dangerous is a very different game. It's like comparing need for Speed and Driveclub. Both racing games but the core experience is difference. There's been so many games released over the years that were outright broken. NMS was never broken at launch.

And let's remember that they are an indie developer who refused money from Sony. Self developed, self published.

@Grieva-SeeD- I think a lot of people were upset about all of the false promises before the game launched. Even as a fan of the game when it first launched I found it very hard to defend.

Hello Games really needed to rein in Sean Murray; he went full Molyneux on No Man's Sky. The game may not have done as well without him hyping it, but there would not have been nearly as much backlash.

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