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How PlayStation 4 Won the War

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Apocalypse Shadow1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

Colin his the nail on pretty much why Sony is dominating Microsoft.

Better launch*Better console*Better exclusives*Better message

Sony sucker punched Microsoft with a surprise announcement that their next console was coming sooner rather than later. And launched with the idea of games for gamers. With a console that was well thought out from a developer's perspective.And Sony's exclusive games are objectively better by and large over Xbox one. If you can get the same 3rd party games on each system. Then what differentiates the two? EXCLUSIVES. That's where Microsoft lacks because having more money means nothing. Question is: do you have more and better games?

What I think Colin is missing out of this video is also this:

*Better console brand*

Sony has a worldwide reach. Not just in English speaking countries. But ALL countries. With a variety of games for all markets. Sure all games don't sell COD level. But, not every gamer everywhere plays COD.I don't. Never bought one.I buy all the little games too that round out my gaming hobby.

But, as we have seen,when Sony is firing on all cylinders (PS1, PS2,PS4), they become unstoppable with that bigger brand and worldwide reach.

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