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How EA Killed Need For Speed & Mass Effect

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Travis370819h ago

NFS was one of my favorite franchises along with Dead Space and EA killed both of them. Each NFS game since 2015 has been terrible IMO and NFS Payback is even worst with the microtransactions. They keep seeming to forget what makes a game fun. I remember when NFS was getting back to back amazing games such as Hot Pursuit 1&2, Underground, Most wanted, The run and even Rivals. Next time they make one I hope they focus on the gameplay and not the online and give the fans what they want.

XMessiah23x10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Exactly how did Loot boxes kill Need for Speed. I beat the game twice once on PC and once on Xbox X. Never once did I need to get a loot box actually at the end of my first play thru I did not realize you gained part spins I had so many extra it was crazy. This was one of the better need for speeds they have released in a long time. I think some people see the option for loot boxes and just whine. If anything N4S shows how you do loot boxes you can spend the money if you need to but it is not needed. Gave the gamers options keeps the games at the same price point for over a decade now.

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