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Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Impressive Weather System Was Once Much More Dangerous

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is an impressive game, both on a technical and visual level - but there are times when detail potentially gets in the way of fun gameplay, and that's apparently what happened with the title's dynamic storms. Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, Guerrilla Games' Mathijs de Jonge reveals that random lightning strikes were a part of the game at one point - but they were deemed "unfair".

"We had some prototypes, for example, we had some lightning strikes that would randomly hit enemies or randomly hit the player," he explains. "But it just felt unfair because you have no control over it, it just naturally happens and suddenly you have a lot of damage. So we took that out in the end." We guess that's what happens when you're running around with a big old metal bow strapped to your back in the middle of a storm.

With or without bolts of lightning, the bottom line is that Horizon's weather system sounds pretty amazing. The game apparently renders its own clouds depending on factors like temperature and wind speeds, which is just ridiculous.

What do you make of random weather effects? Do you enjoy stuff like this in your open world games, or are you not bothered? Avoid bolts from above in the comments section below.

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