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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.41 is Live

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morganfell25m ago

This engine is only going to get better. Guerrilla will keep improving it for their next game and Kojima Productions is modifying it for Death Stranding so Guerrilla will be given back all those innovations to roll back in as well. Can't wait to see what they do next.

The main game and Frozen Wilds have the most satisfying combat. I never feel as if I am being cheated or they set up some fail for the player just to make things difficult. When I die I always know it was my own stupidity or failure to pay attention to something GG very clearly indicated. All the while the game does not handhold you and turns you loose to have fun.

I could really go for one more HZD add-on that tells the complete story of Rost, my other favorite character in the game.

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