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Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty Level Impressions Revealed; “It’s Like A Dark Souls Game”

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ThisGenGaming says "Early players have revealed their impressions regarding Horizon's difficulty with all of the players saying it's a difficulty game even on Normal."

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Nitrowolf29h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Been playing for a while and ive died a lot. Its not that its hard, its that IMO the gameplay needs a bit of tuning. Theres no lock on for starters, which could help a lot in 1v1 situations, but i feel the dodge doesnt do its job right. I can dodge an attack early, or even last minute but nk matter a majority of time i get hit. I found just running away is usually a better option than dodging. That could also have to do with the lack of lock on, cause being able to see when ur about to get attacked helps

You have to play it safe basically, but its no way hard like the souls game

Nitrowolf22h ago


The day 1 patch is not live yet


I feel havent played enough yet to say, but i am enjoying it a lot

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