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HonestGamers Review // Dungeons 3

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Gary Hartley Writes: It would be a disservice to suggest that Dungeons III is just the second game with a few new maps lobbed in (especially when Dungeons II has that rarest of things; genuinely good DLC campaign extensions that do just that without the need for a sequel). There are changes afoot. For one, there is a much greater number and variety of missions that often go above and beyond just having you patiently build an unstoppable force and roll over everything when the time’s right. One early mission pits you against a fortified town filled with formidable gluttons. The only way to break their defences is to routinely hijack their food shipments until you starve them out and can put them to the sword. Another asks you to collect various ingredients from both the under and overworld to sacrifice so that you can summon a new demon ally. Another introduces a day/night cycle that has you under siege from hardy foes by day, but sees them exhausted at night, allowing you to creep around relatively unchallenged while they slumber and you destroy all their stuff.

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