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Hawaii’s Government Proposes Action Against Loot Boxes

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I do believe something needs to be done.
I understand developing a game requires a certain budget,
but focusing mainly on loot boxes or things like that, It destroys
the enjoyment and makes you feel ripped off.
We want to see passionate developers who want to give a good quality product for the gaming community, not some half-baked game which feels pushed and forcefully done.
If it's a quality product, we'll already want to buy. It's a win win for both sides.

If they’re not going anywhere I quite like the idea of being clearly labeld and percentage chance of obtaining your wanted item. Personally I’ve never bought 1 in my gaming life. But it seems reasonably to add this fruit machines do the same. They still make money but at least users are informed

Edit. And I mean this only for cosmetic items. Anything that gives a gameplay advantage can do one. I’ll never buy a game with that included

I would think the whole 'well it's exactly the same thing as trading cards or toys in a chocolate egg' argument woud legally protect these gaming companies, but if it didn't then I'm certain they could very easily rebrand the practise in some way and sell them differently.

The only real way to end added random microtransations is for a large percentage of their customers to stop buying the games that they're in.

I'm not a fan of lootboxes but you know what I'm even less a fan of? The United States government and I sure as hell do not applaud their involvement in this case. It starts with this, and people will cheer it because they don't like microtransactions, but the question becomes where does it end? Once again, an example of something that was so easily solved by consumers just using their brains and not purchasing something but no, they cry and whine instead and now this happens. Cheer this if you want but imo this isn't a path we want to start going down. Somewhere Sen. Joe Lieberman is reading this news with a giant smile on his face.

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