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Haters Gon’ Hate, But I’m Really Enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda

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starchild32m ago

Too bad. Fanboys do exist. Hate bandwagons do exist. I'm not going to pretend they don't just to avoid offending your delicate sensibilities. I'm not going to stop calling it out when I see it.

None of the haters respect anybody else's opinion, so why should anybody respect theirs? Those that gave the game high scores are derided and anyone that says anything positive about the game are attacked.

If it was really all about genuine disappointment then that's what we would see. Gamers would be expressing their personal likes and dislikes about the game but there would be mutual respect for the plurality of tastes and perspectives on the game. Instead we see one group trying to forcefully shove their opinions down everyone else's throat. Positive reviews are ignored or attacked and all kinds of ridiculous claims about those reviewers being bought off are thrown around.

I'm not saying the game is perfect and doesn't deserve criticisms in certain areas. I'm certainly disappointed with some aspects of the game. I'm just opposed to this group think, overly negative attitude about the game, whereby the game is portrayed as completely terrible, insufferable garbage and anyone who likes it is a sheep or a shill.

starchild14m ago(Edited 13m ago)

Your words betray your bias. You act like it is objectively and factually a "bad game" and imply that anybody that likes it is some kind of oddball.

The reality is that reviews are subjective. Tastes and opinions always vary on any game. On some games opinions vary more than on others. In the case of Mass Effect Andromeda there is nothing that we can reasonably call a "consensus". Opinions are all over the map, from mediocre to excellent. I recognize that some people had enough issues with the game that they didn't enjoy it very much. Will you recognize that some people like what the game offers and enjoy it a lot? Or are you and your ilk going to go on pretending that the majority of reviewers thought it was terrible and anybody that thinks otherwise is some kind of sheep or "Biodrone" that should be ostracized?

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