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Hands On: Shadow of the Colossus, One of the All-Time Gaming Greats, Stuns on PS4

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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview 1
Shadow of the Colossus PS4 PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview 2

Any idea what the price point will be? Remastered are typically a bit discounted. This is being hyped and promoted so much that I wonder, but I’m guessing $40?

@kyleforrester87 I'll politely disagree. You can find people who don't like any game, of course — but there's a reason why this is regarded one of the all-time greats.

I see what you're saying about people setting themselves up for disappointment, but I don't think enthusiasm should be tempered just to protect newcomers' first playthroughs.

@get2sammyb eh, I can only speak for myself but certainly my appreciation for the game has increased over time and after multiple play throughs, however I don't remember feeling stunned as the credits rolled despite really enjoying the play through as a whole.

I just think the hype won't help newcomers, best they go in with zero expectation and see what they get out of it. That's for them to decide if they want to get caught up in the hype or not though I guess!

@KirbyTheVampire Yeah, they're all set in the same universe too, but each game is completely different. I dunno, part of the enjoyment of TLG is the ''experience'', for whatever that's worth

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