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Gran Turismo Sport Outlines Car Classes in Super Slick Trailer

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@get2sammyb I'd ignore redmageforza if I was you! If you look at his comments April 2017 he clearly states he never liked Gran Turismo since GT1 and always preferred Forza or project cars. Can't reason with diehard fanboys! I know a ninty fanboy who says horizon graphics don't come anywhere near mario 64! Pure madness! Wisdom says argue with a fool and you get dragged to their level­čść

@bbq_boy Wow, a stalker, how...creepy. Cowardly too that you couldn't even mention me in the comment, had to resort to a (what you probably thought was clever) name and name calling at that! Your parents must be proud. By the way, not a "diehard fanboy" either. I've bought and played all the GT games up to 5, and they didn't click with me like Forza or PC have. Willing to give Sport a chance if it fixes a lot of the recurring issues that GT games tend to carry over from game to game.

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