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Google and Xbox just started the next platform war

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Rude-ro41m ago(Edited 41m ago)

Game streaming has been here for 8+ years.
As far as how the quality will be, yet to be seen but I think streaming services like Netflix are a good thing to use to compare.
They can not do the same quality as an actual physical disc and that is just for watching a movie. Controlling a video game has far more limitations that effects a players experience. Visual quality and latency will be major factors per the consumers internet and their chosen package.
No one can deny the direction, but as far making it a market leader situation for any console any time soon.. it will not happen next gen.

Sgt_Slaughter6m ago(Edited 0m ago)

Game streaming won't be a serious option for another 10+ years, or maybe longer given how broken ISPs are across the globe. Look at PS Now, they knew that the service wouldn't last/wouldn't have a chance to grow if it were 100% streaming so they added the download option for games.

Imagine playing a game where your controls are delayed up to almost a second, the resolution jumps from as low as 240p to 720p, and maybe if you're lucky you'll get 1080p for a minute, then suddenly the internet hiccups for a few seconds and your game ends due to lost connection. Sucks doesn't it? Not to mention data and bandwidth caps that ISPs love to have.

Why would anybody choose that (as well as having to subscribe to a service where you'd never own a single game) when consoles and PCs exist in such variety and can be acquired for relatively cheap?

If Xbox wants to have any chance at a comeback, they better stick with physical hardware. Otherwise bye bye Xbox.

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