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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough Video Game Guide (DS)

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Camelot understands how to come up with enjoyable RPGs. It is kind of odd how the studio continues to be working away the past years on numerous Nintendo sports activity style video games rather than putting out a follow up to Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Right now, following seven years (yes I said seven), Camelot is finally back returning to the market with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for Nintendo ds.

As far as my personal playthrough so far, I really have to mention that in my opion, enthusiasts of this franchise have a reason to become psyched. Participating in Dark Dawn is actually a new delight, just like seeing an old time companion.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)
In addition to producing a transition to 3D, Dark Dawn appears as well as performs just like you would probably anticipate. Even though I had been encouraged to make use of the stylus to execute spells, I am just pleased as punch to claim that anyone can have fun playing the entire video game utilizing merely the d-pad and control keys. Graphically, Dark Dawn maintains the particular vibrant, multi-colored appearance from the franchise, and this is visually extremely razor-sharp for a DS title. Supporters may well decry the actual changeover to three dimensions, however more aged game enthusiasts will probably be reminded of Camelot’s Shining Force game titles for the Sega Saturn a product I am just more than pleased to recall.

The demonstration version is pretty brief clocking in at around 30 minutes, roughly and ended up being split up into a couple of chapters: combat as well as excursion. I attempted the overall game initially, which usually assigned me together with moving about in a dungeon and resolving a few puzzles. Utilizing essential sorcery, I had been in a position to acquire items or start up fires. The actual dungeon inside the demonstration release depended largely upon making use of telekinesis to maneuver figurines around switches which generally, consequently, opened up brand new paths. In case you have played the prior game titles within the francise, you ought to be comfortable and firmiliar with everything even with the new engine upgrade.  GameGuideDog gives this a 3.8 out of 5, which is pretty good for a DS title.

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  • Victer
    December 11, 2010
    Reply #1

    This is the trailer not a walkthrough.

    • David J. Garfield
      December 11, 2010
      Reply #2

      Victer, you only need to log into your members area to view the walkthrough.

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