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Gaming Journalists MUST be Good at Videogames

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AspiringProGenji1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

You can't be a music critic or work at The Billboard you are not into the field of music and know how to critique, Otherwise Lil Wayne's crappy Rebirth album would have been a 10/10.

You and I can criticize a game but to have job about being a game critic must require experience in Journalism and be good at gaming. Credibility is very important for critics. You think imma take an opinion from someone who can't beat a tutorial seriously when I did it with just one hand?

Nitrowolf21d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Yeah, i do think in all honesty that is dumb to think they have to be good at games. There are plenty of titles that i have played that i wasnt very good at, yet enjoyed.
I do think they have to have a basic understanding though, and in certain cases if they are that bad at the game i think it all boils down to that it was never their tyoe of game ti begin with.

Imo the only real criteria besides from grammer, is that person should at least be interested in said title or genre. To many times ive seen reviewers review a game out of their comfort zone. It never made sense to me, why send a person whos only interests are FPS to review a yearly sport game, or a children geared title and ect?

TheGamersGhost1h ago

That does kind of dilute the concept of journalism down to just being able to talk about a topic because you enjoy it.

If you are going to review a game, you should be able to speak critically about gameplay, but more importantly, people need to trust what your critiques are. If you're not good at a game, how can one trust your critique of that game's gameplay. I've played several games that I refuse to review because I wasn't very good at it. Sure, I enjoyed them, but I can't sit there and critique gameplay that I can't get a hang of.

You could focus your review on other elements, but at the core of every game is gameplay, and that will always be most important in a game review.

notachance13m ago

it's not so much good at game as it is being knowledgeable and experienced in the genre, that's what separates a journalist and a blogger writing whatever he feels added with 10 minutes of google search.

for example, someone who isn't knowledgeable in RTS won't be able to give an educated opinion about what makes a game different from games in the same genre, what's it's strengths and weaknesses, why the devs chose this decision instead of that, etc etc... the same holds true when an elitist who's arrogantly said 'Pokemon games are for kids' or 'Hurr durr shooter is only for dumbass dudebro' is told to make a review about these games, it will most likely be a blogger-quality rant with minimal insight on the games and shit-ton of whining.

and no, I don't believe there's anyone who is bad at games, they just won't try hard enough to be at least decent at it. and if you won't even put that much effort that it's so apparent to anyone who saw your video that you're painfully bad at it, please don't call yourself a journalist.

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