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Games Accused of Sexism? That’s Just Progress

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DivineAssault 2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

What a load of garbage. I met a really cool chick at a Trump rally and she was a gamer that had NO ISSUES with what these feminazis are going nuts about.. Even said theyre "stupid for getting upset about this type of stuff".. All my female friends are even cool with games like DOA.. They actually like the hot bodied men in the games so whats wrong with there being hot women? Its like heterosexuals are being attacked for being human..

Developers need to stand up against this behavior.. Even if they dont, at least ignore them.. Dont give into anything they say.. SJWs need to back off already, i dont see them making a difference, only annoying people while this subject is a thing and some devs censor crap.. It wont last though, when real gamers stop buying games from devs who cave in, i bet they'll change their tune.. All the women in the Witcher were bad asses.. They should be happy

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