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GameGuideDogs: 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide for Video Gamers

Require ideas for the holiday wish list or perhaps still looking for an ideal present for that game player and/or technical wonder in your daily life? GameGuideDog is here now to assist using a report on the different devices, gadgets as well as assorted oddities we’ve had the opportunity to try out throughout the entire year. Read through to discover if something attracts your eye, as well as, obviously, satisfied purchasing!

Super Mario Galaxy Collector’s Puzzle – Buy from eStarland
for $11.95:


Nintendo enthusiasts will certainly grin from ear to ear as long as they discover this particular tiny reward hidden underneath the Xmas tree. I had a great time placing this particular jigsaw puzzle together, and along with the large gauge Wii-shaped container and top quality fine art, it’s the ideal present for any video gaming collectibles enthusiast.

QwikShower Wipes – Buy from
for $1 for 1 wipe, $7 for 10, $29 for 50 and $49 for 100:



Common stereotypes peg players because nerdy guys that sit down inside the basement glued to their Television as well as laptop or computer monitor all night or at any given time, in most cases for the hinderance of their total personal cleanliness. In the event that by any means this describes you or somebody you know, the QwikShower Wipes ought to make for an enjoyable stocking stuffer oddity. These types of extra-large wet naps were designed to help teenagers freshen up after gym class, however as I’ve discovered, they’re also ideal for anybody looking for a fast clean whenever there isn’t time for you to jump in a warm bath. I shower each and every morning throughout the week, however on the weekends I usually laze about the home in my jammies, hygiene and efficiency be darned. And So I utilized one of these simple very lazy, sweaty week-ends to test one of these simple wipes, and following wiping down my own biceps and triceps, pits, face as well as hip and legs I became amazed to discover that I did feel clean and rejuvenated, enough so to feel at ease leaving behind the house without having concern with smelling sweaty and funky. Color me surprised!

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment – Buy from Amazon
for $19.16:


Own a PlayStation Move motion controller for your PS3 or prefer to request one to get for Christmas? Then I also recommend snagging the Move Shooting Attachment – together with copies of The Shoot and Time Crisis: Razing Storm, as well, of course! Just like the Wii Zapper, this particular handy little gadget changes the Move wand right into a futuristic laserlight gun suited to hours of light gun type excitement. Don’t overlook to produce your own personal ‘pew pew pew’ sounds to accomplish the effect!

Snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ — Buy from Sunflex
for $34.99 (currently on sale for $21):


If you’re looking for a brand new controller to get rid of the trouble associated with dealing with the MotionPlus and switching power packs, or maybe you just need to get another remote control to possess on hand for multiplayer purposes, the snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ is a great all-in-one answer to think about. It’s the least expensive remote with built-in MotionPlus you’re likely to locate, and with functions like USB charging operation, it will do things no other Wii controller can match.

Wii Remote Plus – Buy from Amazon
for $38.99 or with
for $32:


For game enthusiasts who simply don’t believe in third-party add-ons, Nintendo has you covered with a built-in MotionPlus Wii-mote of its own. The Wii Remote Plus, whilst slightly more pricey compared to its competition, has got the durable gloss and dependability expected of a first-party item, and it actually is available in a bundle offer along with a complete game titled FlingSmash (regular price is $50, but Amazon has it for only $40). I’ve just played a couple of levels, however so far the sport is good, clean Nintendo fun, and really worth obtaining as a pack-in freebie. Two gifts in one!

CM4 Catalyst Wii Remote Covers – Buy from CM4
in a 1-pack for $9.99 or a 2-pack for $14.99:


CM4’s Catalyst Wii Remote covers are very much an extravagance product for a particular target audience of game lovers thinking about getting optimum overall performance from their own video gaming experience. These people don’t satisfy any great support the actual totally free rubber remote control cover doesn’t currently provide, and for that reason they don’t requirement an order. However they do achieve the exact same objective, plus they achieve this with better comfort and ease, convenience and elegance. You don’t need to break your budget to obtain one either. Single Catalyst covers are just $9.99, and you are able to also get a two-pack for only $14.99. Four colour options are available too, such as Black Onyx, Slate Gray, Coral Red and Pink Sapphire. These lead to an excellent video gaming stocking stuffer!

Memorex Wii Wireless Sensor Bar – Buy from Amazon
for $14.66:


If you’d prefer to tidy up the actual wire clutter around your own video gaming set up as well as increase your Wii motion gaming simultaneously, the Memorex Wii Wireless Sensor Bar is really a solid update over the current indicator bar and a great buy at only $15. The larger unit size and rounded ends supply prolonged sensing range, which means much wider motion-control tracking and much less dropped signals. Be sure that you include a pack of four AA batteries, or better yet, grab some standard rechargeable batteries.

PowerGenix Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries – Buy from Amazon
for $14.19:


Speaking of rechargeable batteries…PowerGenix’s NiZn batteries are the best around, offering more power and longer battery life than the usual NiMH and mAh rechargeable batteries, while at the same time being even more eco-friendly thanks to the recyclable nature of nickel and zinc and the lack of toxic chemicals. A pack of four batteries with a charger (NiZn batteries do need a specific charger) is incredibly cheap, so instead of buying packs and packs of Alkaline batteries to accompany your various tech and toy gifts, pick up a set or two of these.

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