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Game of the Year 2017: The Push Square Community’s 10 Best PS4 Games of 2017

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NieR:A is still clearly my personal GOTY not even Persona or Horizon had such an impact on me, though both are great games themselves and came quite close.
Also had a blast falling through the sky with Kat and adventuring with Chloe and Nadine.
Smashed some heads and had a few drinks with Goro Majima for the very first time just recently and by now that game really got a grip on me.
Maybe Bayeks Revenge has to wait a while - although it's already on my HDD...
Still on the fence with Resi 7...

Whether I like Persona 5 or Horizon better just depends on my mood when you ask. Both games are masterpieces in my eyes. Recently picked up Gravity Rush remastered, and I've fallen in love with it so I'm sure the second will be among my favorites as well. Still need to grab Nier too. Not interested in the rest of the list, all great games for sure, just not on my radar.

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