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Game of the Year 2017: #6 – Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 PS4 PlayStation 4 Game of the Year 1

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I got Red Evil 7 last week and it is a huge bitter sweet pill to take.

Up to the “survivor selection” point? This was pure 10/10 material. Can not say a negative thing about this game and it felt like the first real Resident Evil game that felt I tune with the original more than any other. Managing to do reboot such an archaic formula, in a way that works and create a constant atmosphere of dread and environments ripped straight from Saw, Hills Have Eyes and Texas Chainsaw is a real impressive feat to have achieved. This game alone made me want to try VR for the first time. At £350? Still a huge a no.

However, after the “survivor section” point? The boat and mine sections were a real change of pace in everyway and let the game down massively. It didn’t fit the game. Didn’t fit the pace, didn’t fit the feel and sought only to undo the stellar work achieved prior to those sections. It got boring, lost all intesntiy and seemingly totally lost its direction.

It almost felt like a different development team made the final sections using only a few notes from the first section as pointers.

The main body of the game: 10/10.
Boat to end of game?: 3/10
Overall. 7/10

This had everything to give a 10/10 game but it got sloppy right at the end. Absolute shame as I was loving this all the way through. Would still recommend people play it as it is worth playing, 80% of the game is 10/10.

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