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Game of the Year 2017: #2 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Yakuza 0

The bad thing with this game is the strange story that makes no real sense. I don't really know if this is the trend since I only played the Vita game that still has the same issues. The story is dull and the main villain does not seem that threatening.

Still the game is phenomenal on the presentation, especially on the Pro. Worth playing for this and this only.

I'm surprised Uncharted TLL charted this high. I guess being the biggest PS franchise most of the staff played it.

Even as a huge Uncharted fan it was just outside my personal top 5, which is:

1) Persona 5- the correct winner
2) Horizon Zero Dawn
3) Nioh
4) Yakuza 0
5) NieR: Automata

Just goes to show how strong of a year it has been.
Well deserved nonetheless. The Lost Legacy is my third favorite Uncharted (after 4 & 2). Hope this is not the end.

@belmont Hmm... interesting that you played this without playing any of the other mainline games. Definitely the story and characters are much more interesting and meaningful after playing the other games, especially Uncharted 2 and 4. Uncharted games’ stories are not typically deep or awe inspiring, so much as they have such excellent delivery. Usually the story involves an Indiana Jones style chase after some kind of artifact or archaeological find for one reason or another. The beauty is in the journey and development of the individuals involved. Inter-character relations is one of the series’ strong suits. I agree the villians are not always the most impressive part, the focus they take is really developing the protagonists. Nadine is the perfect example of this, given that she was one of the villians in 4, but we really grow to know her in Lost Legacy.
Anyways, I love the series and Lost Legacy is deserving of the #2 spot. Exactly where I had it on my list. Poor lil’ NieR is my #1 and appears to be getting the snub. :’(

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