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Game of the Year 2017: #2 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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Uncharted is my favourite PS4 franchise and you cannot fault them from a technical point of view. Naughty Dog's attention to detail is exceptional and their characters have 'depth' and a certain amount of 'believability' - no less than the characters we get in movies. I know that 1 person is unlikely to take on an army and win but the action of uncharted is not that different.

I can't say that the Lost Legacy was my favourite game of 2017 but its in my top 5. Its priced as a 'smaller' game so I am not disappointed. I know its as long as Uncharted BUT standards have changed and we do tend to expect more now. Like I said though, I am not criticising it for that. art of my reason its not No 1 though is that it feels like a Greatest Hits more than a new game and as such, lost the 'wow' factor that Horizon:Zero Dawn gave me.

I know you can argue that H:ZD doesn't break the mold of Open World action games but it was still outstanding and superbly realised. Visually it's impressive and Aloy is a great new mascot for Sony. Nathan Drake may well of been the 'icon' of the PS3 era but Aloy is the PS4 icon.

Assassins Creed: Origins is my number 2 behind H:ZD. Another wonderfully crafted world to play in with so much to do. Side quests feel 'meaningful' on the whole - not just go here and fetch/kill and return to quest giver to complete.

Wolfenstein comes in at 3 with Lost Legacy at 4. Destiny 2, despite its 'issues' comes in a 5 because it has provided me with more hours of fun, than any other game this year. The game-play still feels so great - even if there are things I much preferred in Destiny that have gone - more robust RPG elements, more variation in weapons and weapon combination, class builds, end game content and general day to day reasons to play.

Each to their own of course but that's my top 5.

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