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Game of the Year 2017: #1 – Persona 5

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Persona 5 Game of the Year 2017

I've got a lot of love for Crisis Core & Persona 3, but Persona 5 is the best JRPG I've ever played.

Also PushSquare top 3:
Persona 5
Uncharted TLL
Horizon Zero Dawn

I just finished it, and i’m mildly disappointed.
The times when it talked to me were few and far between.
And it talks a lot, mostly in a redundant way.
I love basically everything Atlus, and Persona 3 Fes is probably in my All Time Top 5.
P5 feels to me like a beatiful, empty shell.
Even the crew doesn’t really feel like a band of brothers luke in the other games.
It talks a lot with nothing much to say besides obvious and superficial society critique.
Sometimes it strikes a chord, others it made me quite upset by how poorly it handled delicate topics.
Still one of the best games ever, though.

I'm honestly surprised. I thought Horizon would get the nod hands down. It's my favorite game this year, but I thought it wouldn't win. Points for doing something different, I suppose.

While I have my critiques as I do with any game (Unsubtle story, two painful dungeon crawls, everything about Morgana outside of combat), it was worth that long wait. I had to refrain from replaying it for a month before caving in. I already said this on Ramsey's list, but it was everything I like in an RPG. Slick combat, honest dungeons, persona fusion was fun, challenging but still accessible, a good cast, and while I critique it's subtlety, the plot was still good enough to enjoy.

My personal game of the year. And apparently Push Square's too.

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