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Forza Motorsport 7 Review – Turn 10 Dials it Up to 11 | AusGamers

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"Now that racing games are no longer immune to RPG-style random loot in prize crates, Forza 7 has gone the extra mile and colour-coded every collectible in the game according to rarity. Common items are green, rares purple, legendaries orange. And before you ask, vehicles aren't exempt. Car Collection is a where the 700 or so vehicles are displayed and divided into five coloured tiers ranging from, you guessed it, common to legendary. Each car has a rarity index assigned, from 50 for common cars to over 2000 for legendaries. Owning a car adds this number to your overall collection score, serving to increase the quality of the milestone rewards you receive when levelling up your driver with XP gained from racing. Yeah it baffles me a little too. All this incentivised levelling and colored loot rewards has me questioning if I'm playing an RPG, a racing game, or some mutant hybrid.

Whatever the case may be, I still love it.

Forza 7, as with previous entries, recycles a great number of cars and tracks. So you might start wondering if this is the game for you. Fear not, race fans. Loot boxes and Mod cards can be happily ignored. The enforced restrictions embraced for equality in racing. You will see your Driver Gear on display as your Drivatar poses before and after every race so pick something unobtrusive to wear."

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