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Forza Motorsport 7 gamesradar review: “There’s no other modern racing this good at what it does”

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2600Thunder3m ago(Edited 0m ago)

Exactly, and MS is going to flick the real money switch on their extremely game-impacting microtransactions after refund periods end just like they did with Forza 6 - unless responsible consumers stand up to them. Respected and unafraid independent reviewers not sucking on publisher teet or governed by their blacklist trolls are calling this game out for its predatory garbage - just like they did with NBA 2k18 and Shadow of Gambling.

Only diehard MS fanboy youtubers and publisher sponsored sites are giving this game praise. There is also desperation for a good 1st party game and the Forza name invokes value (but its not there). This gen has been interesting and teaching me a lot about marketing trends and which sites to follow.

Microtransactions in this game is like a dealer selling a car body at the full price of the car but without the internal parts like chassis, seats, the steering wheel, and tires.
Sure you could "choose" to buy them or not but you aren't going to be using the product that much unless you gamble on all the consumables.

Choices are not choices if you have to pay for them to play a full game. The marketing of microtransactions as adding "choice" is typical marketing semantics to give the perception of added value. They aren't adding value.

We'll see how long the hype lasts just like Halo 5 - another great IP ruined by development with a microtransactions framework platform in mind. Forza Horizon 4 will be here next year so there is always hope there.

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