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Fortnite PlayStation 4 Bundle Leaked with Exclusive Royale Bomber Skin

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Rude-ro2h ago

The game will take a hit soon anyways and most likely due to crossplay.
The nerfs going into the game are to try and close the skill gap due to players getting pub stomped by pc players.
Building is getting nerfed and shotguns have been nerfed...
They are slowly taking away the fun of the game. Streamers across the board are getting frustrated.., lose them, lose the larger base market.

Goldby2h ago


this is epic we are talkign about. they shut down a game that wasnt even fully released becuase they were losoing community due to nerfs and changes they made that the community is against. if this is happening agian with this, it will happen just as it did with Paragon.

being in early access dont save it from being shut down. and when save the world (which is rarely supported) does become free to play for everyone, they are gonna nerf Vbucks as well, into the ground. would be shocked if it went down into the single or double digits for vbuck farming. 50 max i could see

Rude-ro2h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I’m not saying it negatively for any reason except for that is the current situation.
You can farm all the v-bucks you want, but if the game keeps nerfing the skill gap, players will leave.
A lot of the player base is from destiny.. and we saw what happens to a game if they nerf skill gaps. Streamers leave and the horde follows.
Thankfully they update rather quickly, so if said nerf fails, they will pull it I would think.

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