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DarkOcelet6h ago

Tried fortnite tonight. Never played PUBG so the concept was fresh to me. Gotta admit it's fun but the damn storm move way too fast.

Got 9th place in my third game, if I wasn't killed by the storm, I would have had a good chance of winning the match.

Was planning on getting PUBG soon but with fortnite being f2p, I think I might hold off from buying it till it's out of early access.

xPhearR3dx2h ago

The more you play the more you'll pay attention to the timer and the storm won't be an issue. I had the same problem when I played this and PUBG. Mostly because I don't play these types of games, so keeping an eye on that, moving and trying not to die was a bit much at first.

If you like the rush and satisfaction from what you get in Fortnite, PUBG offers the same thing, just in a more realistic setting. Obviously not including things that Fortnite doesn't have like attachments, clothes, vehicles etc.

Personally I like Fortnite BR more, but that's mostly because I really enjoy the PVE aspect and the gunplay in general. PUBG offers that realistic military feel, so I do hop on there when I get that urge. If you don't have that urge for realism, Fortnite BR will serve you well until PUBG is out of EA.

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