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Feature: The PS4 Games You Already Forgot Were Released in 2017

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Dead By Daylight was released in 2016 and consistently has tons of concurrent players...more than COD WW2 at ANY given time, for example (on PC at least). Not sure why you brought it up, but there’s one underrated gem I highly recommend anyone to try.

@ShiggleMan Raiders of the Broken Planet is my biggest disappointment of the year. It’s a fun game with a great art style, but it’s buried under a super, SUPER grindy gameplay loop and horrendous DLC practices (i.e. one of the characters costs $60 to unlock, and some alternate outfits cost up to $40+). I recommend you play it offline solo (~2 hrs per campaign DLC) or not at all (you’ll be waiting forever to find a match, and don’t get me started on the insanely frustrating 1v4 “Antagonist” mode).

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